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1 May


Told myself I want to go to Amsterdam before I settle down.

And guess what bitches? I did (:

I am fucking proud of myself.



3 Jan


a new beginning. literally.
starting a full-time job with a promising new company with good pay and work hours.
my bf is 1/4 through his degree and finally obtain his motorcycle license 🙂
(he’s been on it for like a year)

i have un-officially graduated –convocation is in August, ughs

so..some of the things i would like to achieve this year:
(don’t worry, i am trying to make it attainable)

  • save $10k by December
  • plan for my graduation trip/December snow holiday!
  • graduate in August
  • sign up for a facial package
  • keep fit with at least 2 hours of yoga weekly
  • be an awesome aunt to 8 adorable kids
  • learn more complex cooking and baking
  • help around the house more often
  • reduce wastage
  • and always try to be a good human being

this is going to be MY YEAR 😀

Park Regis Singapore

20 Apr

The stay in park regis hotel has been quite cosy.
It was just 4 girls on a rainy Good Friday, the reception desk blew us away. It wasn’t the formal over-the-counter that I was used to, it was more like i’m having a chat with a friend. The interior was beautiful, it almost made me feel guilty coming in with slippers. Almost.

The room was spacious enough for us, with the shower and the toilet being divided. But what we like best was the mirrors that they had. Two on the sliding closet doors, one on top of the sink and another behind it. So there was plenty for us when we started prepping to go out at night.

There was a side sofa to view the apartment opposite us so we made it into a place to put our stuff since we all wanted to sleep on the bed. The tv shows were boring and who pays $18 to watch a movie when you can stream it for free? – the wifi is complimentary by the way (:

We decided to play a game called ‘Fish and Bowl’ – whereby it acts like charades but there are 3 steps.
1st step you can try to explain and the person you partner with have to repeat all 5 words that they have guessed correctly.
2nd step you can only act it out and finally you can only communicate with your face.

And then we move on to Truth&Dare which is always hilarious because somebody would always have to dance, get their face drawn or answer questions you normally wouldn’t. The swimming pool was long, with a cascading waterfall feature. We played Marco Polo.

We dashed up and ordered food from Spize – room service is always overrated unless you are too tired to go out and there is always a cheaper food delivery. They came in half an hour after we all have bathed and pig out on snacks.

We all shared our makeup stuff and got ready. I got ready last and finished first. Either I’m doing something wrong or I skipped a lot of step. But still, we all look beautiful (:

So we headed out to nearby Clarke Quay for a quick girl’s night out before heading back to slap on a mask and sleep till noon. I’m so grateful they let us do a late check out at 1pm.

In general, would not mind staying there again. If they give some complimentary movies.

South Korea

15 Feb

I went on a trip to South Korea in 7days with two other friends recently and it was superb. Minus the cold wind blowing directly into your face and having flu.

Day 1:
We took AirAsia and someone fainted even before take off. They made an announcement asking if there is any doctors on board. Unfortunately there weren’t any and had to turn the plane around for the SCDF guys to take her and her friend off the plane. Talk about drama. We reached Korea at about 8.30am and quickly changed into our thermal wear. Said to be -3 degrees. We bought tickets for our journey from Incheon Airport all the way to YongPyong resort. Cost about 29,000 won. We were supposed to get off at Alpensia, which was near the Holiday Inn but we missed it and had to take another bus back to Hyeongye from Gangneum. We stayed in this quaint place called Lepovill and the host and his wife are extremely friendly and accommodating. It didn’t snow when we arrived. But it snowed when we fell asleep.

Day 2:
We woke up extremely early because we were excited about our first skiing/snowboarding time! At 9am we arrived at the rental shop to rent our gears and they provided the waterproof clothings as well. Total cost for ski was 25,000 won whereas snowboard was a little bit more expensive at 30,000 won. We didn’t buy the ski lift pass (eventhough we should have had)

Skiing was tiring and frustrating because putting them on was a lot of work. And when you fall its not easy to get back up. It was snowing non-stop the whole day we were there and we were thankful for the burger shop as well as the cafe for their food. It really was hard work. We got back around 6pm and decided to call it a day and hanged out with the host and their friends, celebrating his friend’s birthday. The snow reached to our knee that night. haha.



Day 3:
We decided to all try snowboarding and got the ski lift pass. Went all the way up. I fell on my face more times than I can count. It was addictive. Like you want to do it right and keep getting better. We didn’t had the whole day cos we had to go back to Seoul by 5pm and the snow made it possible to check out of Lepovill earlier. We only got out at 11am. Total cost with ski lift was 76,000 won which was much cheaper than if we had paid in the resort itself.

Will definitely snowboard again in the future (:

We reached Seoul at Jamsil Station near 8pm and decided to take the subway all the way to our dorm which is located near Hongik University. It snowed when we arrived. It did not make it any better trudging our luggage, looking lost and hungry.

Ultari Dorm is cosy and warm. We spent the next few days being outside from noon till midnight that we treated the dorm as a place to sleep, put our stuff and bathe. Best for friends or youngsters not knowing when its time to sleep. But with family, better to book a hotel.

We had dinner at Izakaya. Seafood soup and all kinds of cooked fish. We stayed out till 11pm and slept in till noon.


Day 4:
Shopping at Myeong Dong. We even visited a cat cafe (: Lastly dinner at Itaewon. A turkish place called Ankara Picnic.

Day 5:
Spent half a day in Lotte World. Quickly headed back to Chungmuro Station to take a bus to Seoul Tower because I wanted to visit the bridge (kind of an in-thing with couples) and took a bus back to Itaewon for dinner.


Day 6:
One of us had to return early for work so we sent her off at the airport. The other wanted to go snowboarding again so I decided to do some last minute shopping and sightseeing. It was all good. We met up again at 7-8pm for really good korean beef bbq while watching the Winter Olympics.

Day 7:
We went on a 2.5hr trip to Busan to visit a friend who lives there. She showed us ‘Gukje Sijang’ also known as the international market and brought us to the beach at Gwangsan. We had seafood bbq to end our day before taking the 9.30pm train back to Seoul. And again, we reached at midnight. haha.


Day 8:

Bali 2.0

20 Jun

IMG_1746Uluwatu Temple

I was in Bali last week with a bunch of girlfriends and hell, it was fun.
The first day was really more of just hanging out, watching movies and ordering food in. Damn were we lazy. It rained that night and we still swam and joke around the pool. We stayed in The Banyumas Residence, Denpasar. An hour drive away from Kuta but its peaceful plus the food around there is cheap.


The next day we went to the different factory outlets, Uluwatu temple as well as Jimbaran Bay.  We hired a driver, Gede, who took us around. He’s quiet but quite knowledgeable. And apparently joins in the jokes we made throughout the trip. Be wary of your shiny objects as the monkeys in Uluwatu will simply just try to snatch it from you. My sister’s friend had a monkey on top of her and making a grab at her barrette. That was scary. One thing to note at Jimbaran Bay, the food there comes with a 21% gst. That’s what you have to pay for food by the beach, clear skies and fireworks (as well as the occasional band that comes around and serenades you) But the seafood was worth it.

The next day we popped by Legian which is about 10minutes away from Kuta for some sun and surfing. It doesn’t look easy, trust me. The waves were powerful and the board managed to smack my nose as I lift the board against the current.  The instructor is a friend of the driver and therefore me and a friend managed to get a one-on-one lesson for two whole hours (which is enough because by the time you are done, you will be extremely tired) After half an hour into the lesson, I managed to stand on the board till I finally lost balance and fell. BUT IT WAS WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY. After bathing, we walked around all the surf shops such as Billabong, Quiksilver, Volcom, Roxy, Obey, Hurley etc

The fourth day was the white water rafting up north, somewhere near Ubud. Nusa Dua would be an area where they have all the water activities such as parasailing, jetskiing and Ubud is more of the padi fields and such. I went white water rafting in Ipoh like 4 years back so I was prepared for the cold water and quick stream. I even had to abseil down a waterfall (it was for Leaders of Tomorrow Camp) So back to Bali, the water isn’t deep which is a challenge if your boat got stuck on the rocks and you have to ‘jump’ to let it loose. There was a 4m fall which isn’t that far down but the initial fall was frightening. Thank goodness we didn’t buy that particular picture. I looked horrible. When we reached back to the apartment, THEY ALL FELL ASLEEP for a good 2-3 hours. So I guessed that they didn’t really want to go out for dinner. Instead me and a friend walked 20m to buy dinner. And we got stuff like martabak (something like murtabak but they use eggs instead of bread), nasi goreng, ayam bakar, ayam goreng, ikan lele, bakso and mee ayam.

The second last day was SOLELY SHOPPING. We went out near lunch to Kuta area. I managed to get some magic shrooms before heading back to the apartment. The initial half an hour to an hour had no difference but afterwards, my head started spinning. There were colours and stuff which I had no idea lasted for how long. Another friend took it with me, although her effects took a little longer than mine. But it was something we have to try, at least once in a lifetime. And in the hands of people that you trust.

I think I will go back to Krabi again. I mean, Bali was fun and all but Krabi was the place that I was literally swimming in the open sea. I haven’t been diving for 3 years plus and I’m scared I’m getting rusty 😦

till our next adventure!



31 May



Imagine Bandung as a cheaper malay version of Japan.
The weather was similar, breeezy and cooling with light rain.
People were generally nice though the roads can be quite congested on weekends.

We took a cab up to Sari Ater, which was way up the mountains, where they have hot springs in the hotel itself. The journey took 4 hours on a weekend but the hotel was quite modern and wifi is available everywhere. We were too tired to go anywhere and spent the day having late lunch and relaxing at the hot springs.

The second day was the Bandung day trip. We started off with Tangkuban Perahu, a place where there is still an active volcano. After which we headed down to the town area where there is loads of factory outlets and nice places to eat. We bought more clothes at Rumah Mode and their steamed brownie at Amanda is to die for. At Kartika Sari, you can find a lot of good food such as pastries and biscuits that you can bring back for the family.

We only had a quick 3D2N so before we headed back to the airport, we decided to pop by the tea plantation to take some pictures and have some delicious kelinci or rabbit meat for lunch. The airport was pretty small so you would literally have to walk on the tarmac which is quite thrilling if you manage to see a plane take off right in front of your eyes.

All in all, a good weekend. Apart from the cough and flu.

Keeping an eye on Krabi.

23 Dec


Krabi has been awesome (:
I love the beaches and the food and shopping is much calmer than in Phuket.


Best places to go to if you enjoy climbing would be Rai lay and Pranang beach.
Bring your own equipment or pay about 900bahts for a full day.


The food were superb. Go for the roadside street vendors especially near Ao Nang beach. The chicken is about 60baht whereas the fruitshakes are about 20-40bahts and the ever famous banana pancakes is about 20-50bahts.

We met the nicest travellers on our way from Hat Yai to Krabi. Jon from South Africa and Marc from Aussie were accommodating, friendly, funny and shared experiences with us. They provided the security we lacked when it was just 3 girls travelling since our boyfriends were busy with their own things in Singapore. But everyday I wanted him to be there because I know he would have enjoyed Krabi as much as I would have.

We went on a budget and didn’t spent more than $300 on accommodation and travel. Scandinavian Residence was peaceful, about 10mins away from the beach via tuk tuk and clean. I would definitely live a little closer to the beach, either at Cosy Place or Divers Inn.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (:
(ps,I really miss Krabi food)