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1 May


Told myself I want to go to Amsterdam before I settle down.

And guess what bitches? I did (:

I am fucking proud of myself.


resonate deeply.

18 Jan



let the man be himself and support him through all the good and all the bad.
insyallah the person i am destine to end up with is someone who will be good and be able to lead his family.

its already mid-january and i should sleep soon because work starts tomorrow zzz.

night night.


3 Jan


a new beginning. literally.
starting a full-time job with a promising new company with good pay and work hours.
my bf is 1/4 through his degree and finally obtain his motorcycle license 🙂
(he’s been on it for like a year)

i have un-officially graduated –convocation is in August, ughs

so..some of the things i would like to achieve this year:
(don’t worry, i am trying to make it attainable)

  • save $10k by December
  • plan for my graduation trip/December snow holiday!
  • graduate in August
  • sign up for a facial package
  • keep fit with at least 2 hours of yoga weekly
  • be an awesome aunt to 8 adorable kids
  • learn more complex cooking and baking
  • help around the house more often
  • reduce wastage
  • and always try to be a good human being

this is going to be MY YEAR 😀


24 Dec

I don’t think 2014 was any different from 2013 to be honest.
nothing much has changed but the media will prove you otherwise.
but this year does have a few adversities.

if anything, it shows me human’s willingness to survive in this urban jungle.
that people can be kind and gentle as well as mean and domineering.
that fear is palpable and bullies does not need to be under the age of 10.

the thoughts about growing older is imminent but so is living-in-the-moments.
there is always be uncertainties as well as all the possibilities.
there will be people who will shun you down and its up to you to find those who will revel in your happiness.

all i ever want in 2015 is actually, hope.
i hope that people i cherish will stay by my side and the skills i have is useful in the society.
i hope my family will always be in good health.
and i hope to worry less.

lets welcome 2015.


being 23.

18 Nov


its a scary world out there. i have sent so many emails and have accepted rejections that can fill a ship. there is a part of me that worries constantly and there is another part of me embracing everything that comes in my way.

if i don’t get the interview, its okay, move on.
if i do get it, be happy that someone thinks i deserve a foot at the door.

but if no one comes knocking at the moment, take the time to enjoy the freedom.
find some inner peace and practice yoga. go out and do something useful.

find motivation and creativity. find time for family. and above all, find myself in this chaotic fast-moving world.

the moment i get comfortable, i stop pushing my boundaries, i stop facing my fears. i keep telling myself, do not let emotions cloud my judgement or decisions but sometimes my emotions get the better of me. it is a part of who i am. i will always be that kid who tries so hard to fit in with her cousins, the kid with no sisters to help her with growing up, the kid who immersed herself in books.

and then the same kid became more outspoken, more people began to notice her and she no longer has to ask herself what is her purpose in life. learning to love myself and accepting my flaws is never easy. so never give up. being 23 and unsure of the world is normal.

First book i ever read.

16 Sep

I don’t really recall. I read tons of book. I even helped out my juniors during primary school before assembly in the morning so that they can read faster and better. But I recall my brothers giving me my first harry potter book saying “its really good” – and all i could think was “witchcraft? Thats bullshit”

And then i read it. It was wonderful. That’s when I know how powerful words are. They can transport you, transform you.

So never stop reading. Its knowledge and its learning without feeling like you have to do it or else.

Its leisure.

end of ramadhan.

27 Jul

today marks the last day of fasting month.
with the majority of us spending this last day getting the house clean, new clothes to wear, preparing food for eid, we should never forget those who are without all these.

pray for gaza. pray for humanity.

God gives the hardest test to his strongest army.
don’t give up because he knows better.

with that i like to wish everyone a very selamat hari raya! (: