The Last 10 Days;

18 Jun

I wished I could say that I didn’t blog as much because I was busy or I had something to do that was more important.

But its not. There wasn’t really much to say. As of last year on this day, I just started out my new workplace, new colleagues, new challenges, got my wisdom tooth out, started fasting and everything.

This year….all those familiar faces have gone, apparently I got so dehydrated I had fever, headache and back ache. I didn’t feel joyous. I feel bad for wanting this month to end because I wanted to eat during the daytime. But that’s my honest opinion. My job pays me good money but I don’t feel motivated, I don’t feel anything.

I’ve been to interviews but they were never the right fit. One even had a bar installed in the office. LOL. Does it happen when you’re 26 and you just feel lost? But you try to make it day-to-day, hoping something good will come out tomorrow?

All I wanted was a SME/MNC who could take me in and cherish me and watch me grow and learn. This year just feel so despondent. I feel despondent. He hasn’t gotten a job yet. I don’t know how many he has applied, why there hasn’t been any calls, I don’t want to blame myself but I do. It doesn’t seem like I can have my wedding in three years. The word for the year so far: Despondent.

At least part of my trip overseas was good (minus the travel buddy who does not appreciate the time and effort I fucking put in)

I just want June to be over and done with.



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