2017 = Staying Fit

3 Apr

Its the end of March & phew, its been a workout.

I signed up with KFit & loving every minute of it. It cost $129 per month ($99 the first month you sign up) and there’s no catch – just make sure you send an email 7 working days before the end of the month if you decide to stop. The downside? It limits you to 10 classes (but still cheaper than GuavaPass!)

Below are the classes/studio/gyms that I’ve been to so far. I’m trying to go to a new place every time so I can be more open to the different types of fitness out there.

  • Willow Stream Fitness and Wellness @ Fairmont Singapore
    Its a hotel gym. I went there when it was raining so I didn’t get to swim but I LOVE the up-to-date equipments at the gym as well as the steam/sauna room inside. Sadly, its only 1 session per month
  • Crosscore Training @ Radiance PhysioFit
    This uses something similar to TRX. The whole place looks big & I was under the impression that more people would show up for the class. WRONG. I was the only one. First time doing one-on-one training and I’m pretty sure James (the trainer) just waiting to see me give up. but I didn’t. He was super patient. I was sore for 3 days but damnnn….I feel the core muscles forming (didn’t had any before this) 
  • Dianamic Yoga @ Avante
    They name the yoga class after Diana (some instructor?) but she couldn’t make it so someone replace her and did hatha yoga instead. It was a mixed class but super intense. I had not gone to yoga for roughly 6months so it was a total stretch. 
  • Flow (Mixed) @ Yoga Collective
    Yoga Collective was co-founded by Sandra (a quarter of the Sam Willows). I was expecting more of Yoga Movement but was sorely disappointed. The admin person was also the yoga teacher so that was a bit weird. The place feels more like I went to someone’s house rather than a studio. The flow was alright – not the best but also not the worst that I’ve been to. 
  • HIIT Blast @ Herlifts Active Room
    LOVE THIS. Especially since its for women by women. It’s a small but self-sufficient studio. I’ve been to F45 as well as Ritual Gym (I will explain more below) so this felt familiar. 45mins workout and you really feel the burn afterwards. The only issue I have with this is the fact that they only have 1 toilet. 
  • Barre @ Wings to Wings Dance Development 
    This was my first barre class so I only had a rough idea on what to expect. The building is still under renovation so it took awhile to find it. Again, I was the only one there hence it became one-on-one again (I’m not complaining but its too much pressure sometimes and I can’t really cheat) It was a super upbeat class and the instructor is friendly. Would go again but not anytime soon. 
  • Cardio Kickboxing @ Impact MMA
    I thank god that I attended muay thai or I’d be totally lost in this class. For 45mins, it was totally worth it. Quite a fair bit of cardio as well as all those punching and kicking. Must bring own gloves unless you want to wear their moist ones. 
  • Piloxing @JR Fitness
    Its a small class so stay within your own area. No shower room and trust me, you’ll sweat. Kudos to the instructor that had LOADS of energy to scream and shout words of encouragement. Loads of movement, loads of moving arms up and down, flexing my buttcheeks and even did a quick cool down yoga poses. 
  • TRX Sculpt @ Herlifts Active Room
    Came here again and tried out their TRX Sculpt. It wasn’t easy since the main focus were the abs. Abit of weights here and there. 
  • Yoga Stretch @ Avante
    Came here again to try out their yoga stretch. I thought it was a good way to end the month with some gentle stretches to relieve those aching muscles.

Special Mentions

  • F45
    my colleague goes to this place and asked me to come along. The cardio classes are no joke. 45mins is all you need. There’s a lot of moving around and visuals to see how to do the exercise. The app is easy enough to use (:
  • Ritual Gym
    I’m going to be totally biased but I LOVE THIS. It’s a 30mins HIIT workout and the whole culture and atmosphere makes me feel at ease. I feel a difference after 2 weeks but its super expensive. Maybe if I earn a lot of money, I will definitely sign up with them. You don’t even need to bring anything because the workout clothes and towels are provided for. You don’t even need shoes! It’s 10 people per class with 2 instructors. The app is super easy to use.

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