People love what other people are passionate about.

23 Jan

This is a quote from La La Land & just to say it one more time, LOVE the movie to bits. Apart from the fact that there were some race discrimination, the playlist and the dance moves were superb.

It also teaches us to love with no regrets. Although it did not help that the movie gave us a glimpse of ‘what-could-have-been’ just to take it all back. SIGH.

Here’s what happened in 2017 so far (for myself, that is):

  • I stopped Muay Thai for a while – it made my shoulder wider and I couldn’t wear my silk shirts which made me mad. What made me even more mad are my friends who were too polite to tell me the truth.
  • I decided to sign up for F45 for 2weeks. My last workout was weights and it was hellish but I saw immediate results. Which made me happy. The sore that took place the next day does not.
  • My boss finally got married on 6th Jan and we were so happy for her. She had smoke machine and fireworks. Princess theme!
  • My boss is also leaving the company in a few months time and I’m disappointed because I’ve warmed up to her and we don’t know how the new person would be like. Until then, I would like to very much live in my own bubble of denial for now.
  • Its very hard to save money this month because I’m booking all the places that we will be staying in London/Amsterdam this coming May (excited af!!)
  • Actually, I’m abit broke
  • Okay, just broke
  • And yet I’ve been bookmarking all the clothes that I want to buy and they are on sale.
  • I have to learn how to be patient till end of January. 7 full days.
  • I finished watching Korean drama ‘Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’ and ‘Goblin’
  • I have also finished watching all 8 episodes of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ on Netflix
  • Oh yes! I almost forgot. After 7-8 years of having ugly green leather dining chairs given by my aunt, I HAVE FINALLY GOTTEN RID OF THEM and got ourselves some fancy Scandinavian-looking chairs (light grey fabric with light brown legs) – I realised that the ugly ones actually made my house smaller since they hid the sight of the floor.
  • Gave my nephew his gift – mega evolution pokemon cards. He’s a happy boy. Pretty sure he’s going to bring them to school tomorrow.

Happy Chinese New Year in advance everyone!



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