Tricky business.

10 Oct

Relationships are a tricky business.
Being in a relationship in the 21st-century makes it even trickier.

I sometimes wish I was dating during my parent’s time when there were no phones, no internet, no social media – like you’d have to call your girl at her house to decide on a place to meet and if she’s late, well you’d have to wait & there’s no way to contact her. Just purely waiting.

I was on Facebook, contemplating if I should send a congratulatory message to an ex on his wedding day. After thinking about it, I decided I should just go ahead and wish him since I truly am happy that he finally got the happy ending that he deserves. When I finally pluck up the courage to open the messenger, a chat history from 2009 appeared. Oh. My. God. I totally forgot that even existed. There is absolutely no delete button because it’s there forever, staring at you. So I decided nahh, lets leave it. 10 days after, I pluck up another set of courage and gave the belated message away. If he doesn’t think deeply about it, he will accept it. If he went to read all those messages years ago, well, he would know that we tried and we never really worked out.

So now back to the present, A and I had a long talk about stuff – I realized my past relationship had taught me how to be rational and logical. I saw a couple of things that I wasn’t happy about and instead of morphing into a raging bull, I let it rest and find a right timing to speak about it. Do take note to always talk in a quiet place and never talk about it when you’re having your meal. I hate nothing more than being unable to finish my food.

I admit, the fear is not due to a third party – I can easily punch a girl – but its something more sinister. Its something that you hear often. People who have been in a long relationship, only to break it off and never to be heard of again. That scares me. Looking at past relationships, I realized that everything became quite fast & serious. I’ve always have a type that I go for. While playboys are fun, we never really clicked. I hate guys with bad English. I love those who has a passion in life. The ones that work hard and play hard.

Adulthood will teach you a thing or two about workplace, friends, family and your soulmate. I’m not sure what my future holds for me, but at least I am contented with my present.


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