A lil late for new year but..

21 Aug

I changed jobs in May and it was literally the happiest day of my life.
No more politics or shitty co-workers (excluding those that are not, of course)

New year is forgettable yet again – I think I might have well have slept through.
But I am very happy, excited, jubilant, so utterly thrilled to announce that I celebrated my 25th overseas, in Dubai (:

Trying to make it a thing to celebrate my birthday overseas, that is until I get married or something. I met a bunch of schoolmates from poly and its an eye opener to have everyone at different parts of their lives. It’s really like nothing that we all plan to do and be at when we’re 25.

However, if my 19 year-old self sees me now, I pretty sure that she’d be proud of me. I hope that I have become a better human being (because that’s the most important one) and that I make time for my loved ones. I know she might be surprised at a few events such as putting money aside and securing a good medical insurance. That I do not let jealousy control me but have a clear rational thinking. That I am actually quite a sassy bitch at work and managed to handle 4 people under me before turning 25. I think that’s quite a big feat!

I’m saving up to plan for my next big trip next year. I’m always more comfortable when I’m travelling with someone but sometimes that does not permit and it sucks, especially since no one allows me to do solo-travelling.


My blogs are only ever going to be sporadic. So please, do not keep a lookout.



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