Solo Travel

11 Oct

When i see people do solo travelling – i feel like it is something that i could achieve as well.  An experience that i should have or attained before reaching a certain age.  

The irony is that deep inside my heart – i fear going to the unknown alone. If i have someone with me,  i don’t feel that scared, i would be more confident and capable,  knowing i need to show a brave front for the person.  But when i know i’m going to be there alone,  there is no one that i know whom i need to show a brave face to. There is no one i can lean on or seek help (not that you can’t make friends overseas but you know,  a friendly face from home) 

I have an inkling that my dad would have a hard time agreeing to it. Between the two,  he’s the one that needs convincing. I don’t blame them for being strict but kids will have the tendency to push boundaries and test uncharted water. Interestingly,  my bf ain’t that agreeable to me solo travelling as well. Which makes me awww and at the same time made me realise that he knows me well enough (see point above) – or maybe we’ve been on too many different trips and he wants me to be his travelling partner (as much as i want to be his) rather than do solo travels.  

But when i see all the places i could go and stay and learn – i feel like i missed out if i never take the chance. Does that make me sound selfish? 

But then again,  i would prefer sharing these memories with someone.  So call me inflicted for not being able to decide. It would be a miracle if my dad says yes.  Maybe i should come up with a graph and pie charts of sorts. Like how millennials prefer spending all their money on experience rather than possessions.

Maybe it should be start with a business trip And slowly expand from there… 


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