I Won’t Tell A Soul

29 Aug

I recently watched inside out and Pixar had really outdone themselves again.

Take a few emotions, put in a couple of problems and find a solution.
For kids, its entertaining and fun to watch the imaginary islands, make-believe friends and everything else.
For adults, we understand more of it – the joy that comes from a sad events, the fears and disgust.

In a drama kid perspective, it can totally be turned into a play. I can totally imagine it – the different kind of character developments and the person portraying them. The elements and the costumes and the makeup. Sigh. I kinda miss it. I miss doing dress rehearsals and goofing around off-stage. I miss the scripts and the movements but most of all, I miss the people. I wished I had recorded every single detail of those days and not depend on my poor memory. I remember being visibly upset when the art director said I wasn’t performing well and the makeup artist couldn’t really put on my fake eyelashes. I remember my ex-boyfriend threw a fit because my brother (he didn’t know it was my brother then) gave me a bouquet after the show and demanded to know who he is. Why did I even bother dating him? – oh wait, yes, it was PEER PRESSURE.

Damn high school drama. haha.
But then again I don’t want to go through those teenage years again. I’M DONE. Being an adult means I have to properly handle office politics (this means be in on the gossip and act ignorant on those bitching on others) – so far so good. It also means paying taxes and treating the folks and finally being able to afford a perfectly good handbag.

I have to be more thrifty – I really should eat less often outside. I want to be able to afford a car in the future but in this stupid country that I live in, it would be a MIRACLE if I do so. I watch how my parents raise us and I think they did a pretty darn good job. I know sometimes they weren’t able to afford nice things but they kept us happy. And that’s super important. And they still love each other. I know they bicker…but they do so out of love. They accepted each other’s flaw and they made it work. 30 plus years on and still going strong – if I am half as happy when I am at their age, I would consider it a success.

So yeah, they are my role models. And I don’t think I can ever be where I am right now without them. ❤


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