28 Jun

I’m miserable that since I write blogs for my clients, I have lost the passion to write for myself. It’s a bit like acting. It was not for fame or glory but more towards freedom and self-expression. People say you will find yourself when you are in high school. Well, they’re not wrong. I wasn’t athletic neither do I like donning a uniform. I like moving and using different methods to portray a certain events and scenes. I like being in that room, brainstorming ideas on what to showcase the school for our next performance. We were a group of close-knitted, confident creatures. They were good memories and will always be.

I recently met the group of girls I am best friends with during high school and forever thankful that we crossed paths. For starters, we have totally different taste in men. Imagine if we had liked and pursued the same guy. It would have been utter chaos. And now, one is in another country far away and the other two are getting engaged and talking about houses whereas I want to build a strong and stable career. The goals are not always the same but we have a good support system and I am forever grateful.

I am hoping that this month, I will work harder and be less stress. Be more positive in life and whatever it throws at me, accept it as a challenge.



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