relationship goals

2 Jun

IMG_3361with twitter being a faster way to tell everyone about my day in 140 characters, it seems like the best social media rather than typing out long sentences and words. But sometimes we all need some thoughts to process and what better way than to have unlimited characters instead.

my nephew did that star wars Lego that I got for him. Pretty neat huh?  – it much simpler now that all my nephews’ presents come from one similar place whereas the nieces need a bit more creativity.  My 24th birthday was peaceful (: we had a day out in the national museum and then visited a quiet cat cafe and finally having Korean dinner. plus it helps that I was having a good hair day. my bf’s birthday was spent mugging for his exam. – i was right beside him doing work but we had Japanese for lunch. he did like the Nixon bag I got for him.

I actually like to talk about #relationshipgoals. Everyone would have a different view on this but what I saw between my folks really warm my heart. My mum was out but she cooked for us sweet&sour fish. We didn’t really finish the dish but my dad said, “your mum likes the sides and the tail so leave it for her when she comes back.”  – and that was it. The fact that he knew what she likes after all this years and especially when she is going out and he listed all the items she would have forgotten like keys or phone or the ezlink card.

And just today when I told my bf that I had to drive the car to Harbourfront before work and park there for my brother to pick it up….he chastised about the traffic and the drivers and the timing. It sounded like he’s scolding (or nagging) but I know he means well and that he cares. And he knows driving under pressure freaks me out.

we are by no means perfect, but we fit together perfectly. ❤


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