Its the climb. 

12 Mar

After what seems to be a six-month long hiatus for him, he finally decided to climb again. I finally feel the frustration he feels when he cannot complete a route. It was something that I could have accomplished if I had enough strength to push myself. Urgh.

But it was good for both of us. My hands are red from all the gripping and the pulling. The skin on my fingers feels raw. Twice I paused mid-climb to make sure my skin was not going to tear – dreadful nightmare. The place we do not usually go to had upgraded their paper card to a keychain card & gave us an additional card to let other climbers know that we are level 2. Actually I’m secretly proud of that because I can lead climb – eventhough I do not do it often due to my fear of falling. 

I do have complete trust when he is my belayer. I hope he feels the same way when I belay him haha. 

Can’t wait for the weekends – i manage to sign up for aerial yoga and can’t wait to try it out! 


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