hippo & iguana

28 Feb

I dubbed my bf as the hungry hippo and he was not too please with it haha. He called me an iguana but i didn’t take the bait. It was just some fun and laughter.

It had been 7 months since we actually walked around town. I’m not sure was it because we did not care much about the place or it holds little interest nowadays. Or maybe its just flooded with tourists and teenagers.

I watched a hell lot of shows this few weeks – the blacklist, the heir. Even movies like imitation game, theory of everything, kingsmen, 50 shades of grey. People have been asking me about 50 shades but i read the book, you see, so i am neutral. I neither hate it or like it. Do i wish there was more? – of course. But did it follow the book – yes. We know what to expect in the movie but i guess people have their opinions.



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