24 Dec

I don’t think 2014 was any different from 2013 to be honest.
nothing much has changed but the media will prove you otherwise.
but this year does have a few adversities.

if anything, it shows me human’s willingness to survive in this urban jungle.
that people can be kind and gentle as well as mean and domineering.
that fear is palpable and bullies does not need to be under the age of 10.

the thoughts about growing older is imminent but so is living-in-the-moments.
there is always be uncertainties as well as all the possibilities.
there will be people who will shun you down and its up to you to find those who will revel in your happiness.

all i ever want in 2015 is actually, hope.
i hope that people i cherish will stay by my side and the skills i have is useful in the society.
i hope my family will always be in good health.
and i hope to worry less.

lets welcome 2015.



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