being 23.

18 Nov


its a scary world out there. i have sent so many emails and have accepted rejections that can fill a ship. there is a part of me that worries constantly and there is another part of me embracing everything that comes in my way.

if i don’t get the interview, its okay, move on.
if i do get it, be happy that someone thinks i deserve a foot at the door.

but if no one comes knocking at the moment, take the time to enjoy the freedom.
find some inner peace and practice yoga. go out and do something useful.

find motivation and creativity. find time for family. and above all, find myself in this chaotic fast-moving world.

the moment i get comfortable, i stop pushing my boundaries, i stop facing my fears. i keep telling myself, do not let emotions cloud my judgement or decisions but sometimes my emotions get the better of me. it is a part of who i am. i will always be that kid who tries so hard to fit in with her cousins, the kid with no sisters to help her with growing up, the kid who immersed herself in books.

and then the same kid became more outspoken, more people began to notice her and she no longer has to ask herself what is her purpose in life. learning to love myself and accepting my flaws is never easy. so never give up. being 23 and unsure of the world is normal.


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