the sweet life.

4 Nov

so i have finally officially ended my internship.
i still stand by my choice and that i will not regret the path i chose. It has taught me a couple of things as well as reading people.

but all that aside, my exams are also over (yay!)

and that i can finally relax and enjoy my life and be at home on a Tuesday at 12pm.

Last Friday we stayed at Gallery Hotel and guess what? – there was a fire at the floor above us. It was a little surreal and to take place on Halloween – I mean the probability was already so low. Around 7pm, I had finished bathing and getting ready, happily watching Mummy Returns on tv when we heard he alarm went off. Thinking it was just a hoax, we did not think much about it. Later, a friend of ours called and asked me to get her so I went to the lift. That was when I noticed the smoke. It filled the entire floor but there was no heat. I opened the exit door leading to the stairs and even they were filled with smoke. So I ran back to my room and headed down the stairs outside the building. I found her and when we were heading back up, I heard two of my other friends had been evacuated. The scene at the lobby was chaotic. The firefighters were prying open the hose with little success. They managed to break the glass for the fire extinguisher though. It took 5 fire trucks, 1 ambulance, 2 cars and a motorcycle. 2 hours of my life watching them in action.

Thankfully, everyone got out unscathed. We still managed to enjoy our Halloween. That was definitely the highlight of this year. -apart from someone fainting in the airplane during takeoff in Feb.

Here’s to Movember – don’t shave this month


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