internally screaming.

19 Oct

i seem to never have a good internship. i don’t get it. both times the in-charge is a bitch. both times coworkers go behind your back and stab you. both times i have to stay back late to finish stupid idiotic mind-numbing task. both times the coworkers i like get scolded like nobody’s business.

the only difference is that this time i did not cry. instead i just smile while internally screaming. the bitch is a real piece of work as well. after that dreadful incident of a stare-down (i did not waver one bit! very proud of myself tyvm) i avoided her like a disease. and her child…omg don’t get me started. i can’t do faking – and apparently people do a hell lot of faking in the business.

i hope karma works well and i get a good full-time job with a good boss. brownie points if it happens to be a guy.

wish me luck for my exam tomorrow! i need all the luck to be done with this semester.


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