7 Oct

I’m trying to limit my curse words during my internship period because it is not good for the body or the soul. It really does help that I have yoga to go to because it de-stresses me and makes me more calm. Everytime I think to myself I’m having a shitty week, I refocus and said to myself, ‘hey, you’re only here for 4 days a week. There are people who are working 5 days and even during weekends’

But it is life is it not? – doing shitty things for no absolute reasons. Doing shitty things the second round because you miss some on the first round. It has become my mantra saying ‘God will not give you something you cannot handle or solve’

And there is always Yin and Yang, good versus evil, the balance of life. I guess those dudes figure it out quite fast. We cannot have so much bad-ness or good-ness in us. We should have a balance of both. My mum always say that if I laugh too much I will cry. It hurts to know that woman is correct.

I realized I could probably be a housewife. Take care of kids and the house, cook and master sewing – like finally haha. Very 1950s. Sometimes I wonder if I got stuck in the wrong era. I quite like wearing baju kurung and have fond memories of teachers who do wear them in school daily. But here I am in 2014, being a career woman and climbing up the ladder to success. It’s very tiring and weary in this country.

talk to you again soon at the end of this month when I am finally free of every burden.


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