17 Aug

this is a new beginning for me.
it is a bit daunting and i am ever so lucky that i have other interns so i would not be alone in this.

working for an MNC is an eye opener, as I learn on my first day.
the office floor was quiet, quite unlike other places that i have worked before.

but it is still something i am aiming towards and hopefully one day i will be able to achieve that dream.

the superiors are friendly plus they give good advice.
i’m always hoping that karma is on my side since my first ever internship was like a smack to my face.

i did not know people can be so….mean.
but that’s life.

i’m here till halloween and there are more events coming up that i can’t wait to do! -YAY MORE DARK CIRCLES.

and i just finished watching a korean drama called ‘bride of the century’
the acting by the lead actress is amazing, especially since she had to act as two different personalities and it ain’t easy.

khamsahamnida (thank you in korean) for listening and now i’m seriously craving for some kimchi.

and crab. some chilli crab with the hot buns to lap up the soup….



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