24 Jun

i used to think i was destined for greater things in life.
that i was special.

but then i realised i’m exactly the same as the person right beside me.
and i was scared shitless.

there is no way you can live every day to your fullest because you will burn out, eventually.
there are days where you fall sick, get lazy, or your cat decides to be a ninja and goes missing.

and you know that you are only human. and God only wanted you to be the best that you can be.
so i guess i can deal with that. i just want to be good. and its hard when there is so many greed in this society.

do good to others and hopefully good will come to you.
pray not only for help but also thank Him for all that he has done for you.

my prayers are always almost the same.
the well-being of my family.
the happiness for the people that i cherish and love.
that i can face my difficulties.

and more recently, him and his family.
because, well, they could be mine in the future.

they say you should have a focus so that your prayers can be heard.
so, do you have yours?


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