the princess.

19 Jun

being raised as the youngest and only daughter have its perks.

we get to be sheltered, constant love and attention, pampered and i rarely use this word due to the connotation of being linked negatively – spoilt.

but alas, when we find ourselves dating strong independent men, we realised, we are not the princess in their eyes. we are hardly pampered and spoilt by them and this reality came as a surprise.

so we begrudgingly accept this fate although we hope that once in a while, they accept that we are princesses at heart.

we forget, however, that eventhough they are men, they are indeed gentlemen and that their parents have taught them well that action speaks louder than words. we forget that they open doors to let you in first and pay for your meal. we forget the creases on their forehead when they worry about our safety and the smile on their faces when they accompany you home. we forget. because we paid too much attention to the minute detail rather than the whole picture.

we manage to become strong and independent ourselves and therefore they see us as equals rather than someone they need to take care of. and we can only hope that they will instead, treat their daughters like princesses.



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