15 May

another year older.
i’m beginning to accept who i am and who i have become.
what i have done today may or may not shape who i will be tomorrow and i don’t have to worry about it anymore.

for once, i am contented.
they say don’t start praying only when you want something.
always keep on praying and when it comes, you will thank god for it.

my bf and i managed to go to Lazarus Island, which is a bit of a walk from St John’s island.
please bring water or else you will curse and swear at the heat. ( and also at snobby rich people with big yachts) – because it’s underdeveloped (or rather not many people are willing to make the trip, its still extremely pretty and clear and blue with soft sands), the place is beautiful. you should see the bliss on my bf’s face when he saw that it was untouched. and then he saw my face scowling at the lack of shelter. it’s like being on a deserted island, literally.

my birthday ironically falls on a public holiday so when we went back to the central business district, it was empty. and it was so weird because we were there again today and saw people in work clothes, walking and talking and buying lunch.

i had a great time. we walked a lot but we didn’t really mind because we drank a lot. he got me a pair of sanuks because my old ones had holes and i got him a pair of headphones that he always wanted. i always like to see people’s reaction when they open presents. i feel good. i read somewhere that you feel better buying things for others than yourself. so maybe its true.

anyways, i realised i am no longer a sullen rebellious teenager. i am a young adult who apparently can cry on demand if you ever put ‘dead’ and ‘cat’ in a sentence together. i will always miss being 18 but i guess 23 can be quite cool too.

so happy belated birthday to me and a very advance one to my other half. ❤


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