Park Regis Singapore

20 Apr

The stay in park regis hotel has been quite cosy.
It was just 4 girls on a rainy Good Friday, the reception desk blew us away. It wasn’t the formal over-the-counter that I was used to, it was more like i’m having a chat with a friend. The interior was beautiful, it almost made me feel guilty coming in with slippers. Almost.

The room was spacious enough for us, with the shower and the toilet being divided. But what we like best was the mirrors that they had. Two on the sliding closet doors, one on top of the sink and another behind it. So there was plenty for us when we started prepping to go out at night.

There was a side sofa to view the apartment opposite us so we made it into a place to put our stuff since we all wanted to sleep on the bed. The tv shows were boring and who pays $18 to watch a movie when you can stream it for free? – the wifi is complimentary by the way (:

We decided to play a game called ‘Fish and Bowl’ – whereby it acts like charades but there are 3 steps.
1st step you can try to explain and the person you partner with have to repeat all 5 words that they have guessed correctly.
2nd step you can only act it out and finally you can only communicate with your face.

And then we move on to Truth&Dare which is always hilarious because somebody would always have to dance, get their face drawn or answer questions you normally wouldn’t. The swimming pool was long, with a cascading waterfall feature. We played Marco Polo.

We dashed up and ordered food from Spize – room service is always overrated unless you are too tired to go out and there is always a cheaper food delivery. They came in half an hour after we all have bathed and pig out on snacks.

We all shared our makeup stuff and got ready. I got ready last and finished first. Either I’m doing something wrong or I skipped a lot of step. But still, we all look beautiful (:

So we headed out to nearby Clarke Quay for a quick girl’s night out before heading back to slap on a mask and sleep till noon. I’m so grateful they let us do a late check out at 1pm.

In general, would not mind staying there again. If they give some complimentary movies.


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