study love;

29 Mar

you can’t study love.
it’s something that comes with emotions and feelings rather than opening up a book and reading about it.

it comes unexpectedly and quietly. it creeps up on you. or it begins with a boom before slowly dwindling down. we grow up watching our parents, or the people around us. how they act upon the love they have for each other. we follow. we copy their movements.

love is when you hate the person and yet still wants to be with. where there is anger boiling and love dissipates it. where the jealousy rages on and love soothes the monster. love is why your heart beats abnormally fast, filling your heart with anticipation and hope. love brings joy and sadness. love can make you blind and opens up your heart. love can overcome the barriers of skin colour, language and religions. love does not make you weak, it makes you stronger. it makes you have something to fight for.



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