packed weekend;

13 Mar

Last weekend was packed to the max.
Even with two assignments due, I still managed to go night cycling from Friday night till Saturday morning. We took the route from ECP to Marina South Pier (enjoy the view) and then to Desker Road (who knew people serves naan at 2am) to Dhoby Ghaut before finally making our way back. We reached before the sun rise but we doze off and missed the sun. le sigh. We really are not morning people.

Then a few hours later, after baking red velvet cupcakes (with nutella fillings!) and some creme brulee, we headed to MBS for a surprise 21st birthday bash. The theme was black and white with animal mask (which I have kept inside my closet…maybe I could let my nephews borrow it lol) The food was good, the room was big and the entertainment was scary (we watched Mama till midnight sobs)

Sunday I had a group meeting plus I did a quiz on the spot. Afterwards, my girlfriends and I tried this xcape thing in Bugis. It is a game theme room and you have stages to figure out and find your way out. More info here :

And hence, that was the end of a really good use of a weekend.

Cheers! I’m late for work!


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