21 Feb

I’m just going to say whatever is in my mind.

I’ve applied to several internship places hoping to score a 3-6 months internship in my second semester and I was not accepted into my choice 😦 – however, the nice lady will have a look at my other two choices and let me know by Monday. She had tried twice to ask me to look into this other big MNC. It did not attract my attention at first because the industry so vastly different from what I am interested in but maybe…this is a sign? To probably get out of my comfort zone? – because trust me, this will. I am reading up on it and it does look promising. I told myself I want to be in a big MNC and who knows, maybe the internship might turn into a full-time job? -dream big.

I have projects and tests due and I am eerily calm. If that is not freaking scary then I do not know what is. But I am progressing. Snail pace. haaaa.

I realized that I have taken quite a lot of airlines throughout my life and I am so thankful for this. Qatar, Quantas, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Silkair (I actually forgot about this one, last year to Bandung), Luthansa, Air China (really wish to forget this one), Air Asia, Tigerairways and of course, our pride and joy of this country, SQ. My lecturers kept on lording over this company I swore I want to stab it with a rusty fork. We get it. Now shut the fuck up. It rolled out an advertisement, I called it public relations, on Valentines Day. Some guy proposing to the girl on their way to Maldives…while on the plane. And of course, all the crew members were in it. I rather go on Scoot to Maldives. Scrimp on air flight, splurge on the resort.

My favourite new brand is Nature Republic. I think I economically made them a profit in that one hour I was inside their shop. Their hair mask is superb. And so is their bb cream. I swear by them<33

Tomorrow we’ll be going to Tiong Bahru because it has become ‘hip’ – I’m pretty sure they have installed some new kitschy cafes/stores and call it the new Bugis. There is very few things you can do in this country that does not require you to take out your cash. It’s an expensive place we live in. Safe…but expensive.

And lastly. my parents really are the cutest. I can only hope that I can joke and argue and yet manage to maintain harmony with my partner in the future without having to worry about stepping on any hidden landmines.

12.12am Singapore Time


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