South Korea

15 Feb

I went on a trip to South Korea in 7days with two other friends recently and it was superb. Minus the cold wind blowing directly into your face and having flu.

Day 1:
We took AirAsia and someone fainted even before take off. They made an announcement asking if there is any doctors on board. Unfortunately there weren’t any and had to turn the plane around for the SCDF guys to take her and her friend off the plane. Talk about drama. We reached Korea at about 8.30am and quickly changed into our thermal wear. Said to be -3 degrees. We bought tickets for our journey from Incheon Airport all the way to YongPyong resort. Cost about 29,000 won. We were supposed to get off at Alpensia, which was near the Holiday Inn but we missed it and had to take another bus back to Hyeongye from Gangneum. We stayed in this quaint place called Lepovill and the host and his wife are extremely friendly and accommodating. It didn’t snow when we arrived. But it snowed when we fell asleep.

Day 2:
We woke up extremely early because we were excited about our first skiing/snowboarding time! At 9am we arrived at the rental shop to rent our gears and they provided the waterproof clothings as well. Total cost for ski was 25,000 won whereas snowboard was a little bit more expensive at 30,000 won. We didn’t buy the ski lift pass (eventhough we should have had)

Skiing was tiring and frustrating because putting them on was a lot of work. And when you fall its not easy to get back up. It was snowing non-stop the whole day we were there and we were thankful for the burger shop as well as the cafe for their food. It really was hard work. We got back around 6pm and decided to call it a day and hanged out with the host and their friends, celebrating his friend’s birthday. The snow reached to our knee that night. haha.



Day 3:
We decided to all try snowboarding and got the ski lift pass. Went all the way up. I fell on my face more times than I can count. It was addictive. Like you want to do it right and keep getting better. We didn’t had the whole day cos we had to go back to Seoul by 5pm and the snow made it possible to check out of Lepovill earlier. We only got out at 11am. Total cost with ski lift was 76,000 won which was much cheaper than if we had paid in the resort itself.

Will definitely snowboard again in the future (:

We reached Seoul at Jamsil Station near 8pm and decided to take the subway all the way to our dorm which is located near Hongik University. It snowed when we arrived. It did not make it any better trudging our luggage, looking lost and hungry.

Ultari Dorm is cosy and warm. We spent the next few days being outside from noon till midnight that we treated the dorm as a place to sleep, put our stuff and bathe. Best for friends or youngsters not knowing when its time to sleep. But with family, better to book a hotel.

We had dinner at Izakaya. Seafood soup and all kinds of cooked fish. We stayed out till 11pm and slept in till noon.


Day 4:
Shopping at Myeong Dong. We even visited a cat cafe (: Lastly dinner at Itaewon. A turkish place called Ankara Picnic.

Day 5:
Spent half a day in Lotte World. Quickly headed back to Chungmuro Station to take a bus to Seoul Tower because I wanted to visit the bridge (kind of an in-thing with couples) and took a bus back to Itaewon for dinner.


Day 6:
One of us had to return early for work so we sent her off at the airport. The other wanted to go snowboarding again so I decided to do some last minute shopping and sightseeing. It was all good. We met up again at 7-8pm for really good korean beef bbq while watching the Winter Olympics.

Day 7:
We went on a 2.5hr trip to Busan to visit a friend who lives there. She showed us ‘Gukje Sijang’ also known as the international market and brought us to the beach at Gwangsan. We had seafood bbq to end our day before taking the 9.30pm train back to Seoul. And again, we reached at midnight. haha.


Day 8:


2 Responses to “South Korea”

  1. Phebe 10/05/2014 at 3:23 am #

    Hi! Thanks for the blog post!

    May I know how did you manage to book Lepovill?


    • amirahabd 23/05/2014 at 2:09 am #

      Hey(: we found the owner on facebook and follow up from there – kwanghoi kim. Hope this helps

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