caffeine rush

27 Jan

I think he realizes what caffeine/sugar rush does to me.
The type where i get extremely high and start talking weird.

We had coffee and cake at Maison Ikkoku (Kandahar Street), where a friend of us works and its quite a cool chill place to hang out. Not a big fan of their high tables cos my feet can’t reach the ground :/ but i do like their sofa chairs. They started talking about barista and making artisan coffee…they are pretty serious about it, almost like art.

Before that we finally managed to get a place at La Marelle, which is just a street away. It’s always packed so I finally found what the hype was. I think it’s basically because the space is small so people are attracted to exclusivity. We didn’t get to try the coffee because the machine was down.

A few years back, that area was not really much of anything but lately ever since people are catching up on #cafehopping, they have spruce the place up quite nicely.

The weather has been perfect for January, loving the wind and actually feeling cold in the middle of the afternoon.
Hope it stays.


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