we’re always late.

25 Dec

my bf and I are always late for movies.
and that one time we were early for one, the projector was down.

so the lesson we learnt when we could not watch the sneak preview of Avengers (of all things) was that we should never ever be early. If we were around the area, we should be obliged to walk around first and kill time till it is almost starting and then, only then, get the food and drinks as well as the tickets.

as for the recent 47Ronin, we were half an hour late. Which is a new record. Though nothing to be proud of, but every couple must have something interesting to hold onto, so ours is the Curse of Movie Clock. hahaha. -ok, joke’s over.

and since today is the 25th of Dec…..merry christmas everyone!!
yay almost the end of 2013. it’s really not the best years of my life but God would never test what we could not handle and in turn it makes us a stronger person. If not physically, then mentally.

SO LET’S WELCOME 2014 with open arms shall we?


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