5 Nov

they did not need to talk.
the nod she gave was fully understood as a sign to leave.
they did not need much, they had each other. they knew each other so well, it was ingrained within them.

they believe they were soulmates. torn apart from one life and to be placed here to find each other again. the fight for their survival was the hardest, but they manage to make it work for a while. their future has always been bleak, but they had their rays of sunshine even in the cloudiest of days.

they knew each other’s secrets, their fears and hopes and dreams. there was no need to hide. in between those tangled sheets they share, he watched her sleep, her breathing synchronizes with his. he had never seen anyone so peaceful. so beautiful. there was no need to judge each other. she had never met anyone so driven, so passionate with his work. she would have married him in a heartbeat. imagine their shared lives together. watching him play with their children and nurture them like any good father would.

at this point, when her heart was brimming with so much hope, there was a sudden darkness. she knew it could never happen. it was nice to daydream because hope has a way to make you happy and determined for a bit. it pushes you on to live. how they wished things were different. that the stars would align themselves to make this work.

they have found each other in this corner of the world. and it was time to let go. they may go their separate ways but they can never forget the memory they had of each other.

the deepest darkest secret was that she could never stop loving him.


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