Personal Lifehack

12 Sep

I just had dinner with a close friend from secondary school. He’s studying accounting so you can understand that when he talk about his modules, half the time the information went into my right ear and straight out from my left.

But anyway, I know it’s all serious when he suddenly became quiet and ask me relationship questions. The summarized version is that his girlfriend feels threatened that he has a lot of cliques and stuff going on in his life that she is not a part of. And therefore, talking about it would make her feel left out. (I understood her, cos ironically, I’ve been in the same situation) So instead, she does not want to meet his friends or integrate herself because, face it, an art student would have nearly zero interest with a business kid.

When people give advice, it’s mostly from their own personal experience. I’m quite happy to say that my bf and I have our own group of friends that we can interact amicably, and if we don’t have any interest, at least we can play games to break the ice. There will be dry awkward moments when we don’t have much to say to one another but I guess even obvious questions is better than no questions at all.

So back to him. He tried to let her in on what he learnt so she would at least know about what he studies and use it to talk to his friends. But unless during lesson your lecturer caught his pants on fire, it’s not much of a conversation starter. There are people who can literally talk to anyone, and then there are those who will take some time to warm up to you.

Furthermore, she’s a little insecure. I agree that when your bf is in a school filled with pretty girls its hard not to get a little bit annoyed when girls whatsapp him, even if it is innocent. (I’m an exception because we’ve met before and she knows I can stand him only so much) But then again, she’s in a school where there are plenty of good-looking men.  The difference is that she’s not involve in school. He is.

Best thing to do – talk it out. If you don’t want to hear specific details, lay out only what you want to know. It’s not ideal, but I guess its something.

I know the title is misleading but I think relationship will always be one of life greatest lifehack. If you ever be in a relationship that you cherish, make it work and it will get better.



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