7 Sep



I see this and I’m craving for it all over again.  (by the way, that is from Strictly Pancakes, East Coast Road)

How is is possible that I want to eat that and still want Pepper Lunch at the same time?

Period is coming.

It is the only time I can eat like fat means nothing to me because apparently my metabolism shoots up and my boobs grow bigger.

Or I’m just stress carb-loading since I got an assignment due this Friday.

You can never get the best of both world. I want steak and suddenly I want ice-cream. I want steak on ice-cream. We once tried salted caramel ice-cream at Millenia Walk and my bf just HATES it. I LOVE IT. Its cold, its sweet and salty. What is not to like? The girl forgot that we actually ordered the lava cake as well as gave us another scoop of ice-cream as complimentary. When he thought he saw another scoop of salted caramel, he went like “oh no..” but it turns out to be hazelnut so its a win-win for all of us (:


My dad’s health is better, thank goodness. He’s quite a stubborn man but he is goal-driven. Doing all those exercises that the physio had taught him. I’m quite proud. Also kinda wish that we weren’t driving a manual as I do not want to think the worst-case scenario if his left hand suddenly lose control.

My cat got better as well. I got a new niece, which is really quite amazing on how she came into this world. But that is another story altogether (: -furthermore, I would just love to lie on the beach after all this hectic work and school and think about where to go next year!



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