the past week;

25 Jul

time has been moving at its own pace again.
sometimes too quick and others a little slow for the taking.

it’s already the middle of ramadhan and i’m trying to clean the house a bit, day by day.
i have been meaning to put a fresh coat of paint for the living room but the work is tedious and lonely. the last time i painted was probably three years back when i manage to pull a friend to help me out. but the friendship took a complicated twist.

my boyfriend is dead busy with work and i’m trying to get started on my essay but apparently everytime i started i would fall asleep with the book as my pillow. i’m guessing that is one of the main challenges of this fasting month. testing patience or testing the will of succumbing to sleep.

i can’t wait for this weekend though.
will be meeting good old friends to break fast with and watching phantom of the opera at marina bay sands (:

favourite song from phantom of the opera would have to be the music of the night.

Softly, deftly, Music shall caress you 
Hear it, feel it, secretly possess you 
Open up your mind, Let your fantasies unwind 
In this Darkness which you know you cannot fight, 
The Darkness of the Music of the Night! 


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