Bali 2.0

20 Jun

IMG_1746Uluwatu Temple

I was in Bali last week with a bunch of girlfriends and hell, it was fun.
The first day was really more of just hanging out, watching movies and ordering food in. Damn were we lazy. It rained that night and we still swam and joke around the pool. We stayed in The Banyumas Residence, Denpasar. An hour drive away from Kuta but its peaceful plus the food around there is cheap.


The next day we went to the different factory outlets, Uluwatu temple as well as Jimbaran Bay.  We hired a driver, Gede, who took us around. He’s quiet but quite knowledgeable. And apparently joins in the jokes we made throughout the trip. Be wary of your shiny objects as the monkeys in Uluwatu will simply just try to snatch it from you. My sister’s friend had a monkey on top of her and making a grab at her barrette. That was scary. One thing to note at Jimbaran Bay, the food there comes with a 21% gst. That’s what you have to pay for food by the beach, clear skies and fireworks (as well as the occasional band that comes around and serenades you) But the seafood was worth it.

The next day we popped by Legian which is about 10minutes away from Kuta for some sun and surfing. It doesn’t look easy, trust me. The waves were powerful and the board managed to smack my nose as I lift the board against the current.  The instructor is a friend of the driver and therefore me and a friend managed to get a one-on-one lesson for two whole hours (which is enough because by the time you are done, you will be extremely tired) After half an hour into the lesson, I managed to stand on the board till I finally lost balance and fell. BUT IT WAS WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY. After bathing, we walked around all the surf shops such as Billabong, Quiksilver, Volcom, Roxy, Obey, Hurley etc

The fourth day was the white water rafting up north, somewhere near Ubud. Nusa Dua would be an area where they have all the water activities such as parasailing, jetskiing and Ubud is more of the padi fields and such. I went white water rafting in Ipoh like 4 years back so I was prepared for the cold water and quick stream. I even had to abseil down a waterfall (it was for Leaders of Tomorrow Camp) So back to Bali, the water isn’t deep which is a challenge if your boat got stuck on the rocks and you have to ‘jump’ to let it loose. There was a 4m fall which isn’t that far down but the initial fall was frightening. Thank goodness we didn’t buy that particular picture. I looked horrible. When we reached back to the apartment, THEY ALL FELL ASLEEP for a good 2-3 hours. So I guessed that they didn’t really want to go out for dinner. Instead me and a friend walked 20m to buy dinner. And we got stuff like martabak (something like murtabak but they use eggs instead of bread), nasi goreng, ayam bakar, ayam goreng, ikan lele, bakso and mee ayam.

The second last day was SOLELY SHOPPING. We went out near lunch to Kuta area. I managed to get some magic shrooms before heading back to the apartment. The initial half an hour to an hour had no difference but afterwards, my head started spinning. There were colours and stuff which I had no idea lasted for how long. Another friend took it with me, although her effects took a little longer than mine. But it was something we have to try, at least once in a lifetime. And in the hands of people that you trust.

I think I will go back to Krabi again. I mean, Bali was fun and all but Krabi was the place that I was literally swimming in the open sea. I haven’t been diving for 3 years plus and I’m scared I’m getting rusty 😦

till our next adventure!



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