31 May



Imagine Bandung as a cheaper malay version of Japan.
The weather was similar, breeezy and cooling with light rain.
People were generally nice though the roads can be quite congested on weekends.

We took a cab up to Sari Ater, which was way up the mountains, where they have hot springs in the hotel itself. The journey took 4 hours on a weekend but the hotel was quite modern and wifi is available everywhere. We were too tired to go anywhere and spent the day having late lunch and relaxing at the hot springs.

The second day was the Bandung day trip. We started off with Tangkuban Perahu, a place where there is still an active volcano. After which we headed down to the town area where there is loads of factory outlets and nice places to eat. We bought more clothes at Rumah Mode and their steamed brownie at Amanda is to die for. At Kartika Sari, you can find a lot of good food such as pastries and biscuits that you can bring back for the family.

We only had a quick 3D2N so before we headed back to the airport, we decided to pop by the tea plantation to take some pictures and have some delicious kelinci or rabbit meat for lunch. The airport was pretty small so you would literally have to walk on the tarmac which is quite thrilling if you manage to see a plane take off right in front of your eyes.

All in all, a good weekend. Apart from the cough and flu.


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