18 May


Turning 22 was indeed heart-warming.
Had a buffet lunch at OneMarket, Plaza Singapura.
Not a bad spread and the best thing was the fact that it was halal.
Followed by a quietly enjoying a cup of green tea latte while people-watching before finally heading down to for a climbing session with him (:

A few days before we met up with a bunch of friends who decided to treat me to a horror movie, Evil Dead (which I only managed to watch 20% since everything was too gory for my liking) and followed by dinner at Vintage Cafe. It’s situated at haji lane area and quite affordable. I was suddenly ambushed by them on my way home by water guns. Running around in circles trying to dodge is harder than it looks. But there was cake as well 😀


For his birthday, I treated him to iFly Singapore at Sentosa. I was most surprised when our instructor was my cousin who just started working there. Coincidence? Well, perhaps. Its the same timing and speed of falling as if you were skydiving at only 1/8 of the price. If we wanted to go skydiving, the closest would be Aussie so this is the next best thing.

We went back via cable car that took us to Harbourfront and Mount Faber from Sentosa. It’s been a while since we took a ride. We didn’t really had a hearty breakfast so we popped by Gelare for waffles. I got him an Obey Tshirt but it was a size too big so we headed down to town to exchange it. (apparently the climbing shoes he got me was half a size smaller so we both had to exchange our gifts lol) 

Headed back to the east for late lunch before calling it a day since both of us didn’t really sleep well the night before.

Flying off to Bandung this week! woohoo!


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