add a bit of salt;

19 Apr

i’m not asking for much, just words of encouragement.
a little boost of morale for my heart and soul.
my mind too weakened to take any more beating.

you said you love me too many too soon.
what words are they if it is not shown through actions?
you said if i ask you to do something, it isn’t sincere, it would be forced.

but if i never say, how will you ever know what i do want from this relationship?
it should challenge you. it should beat you up and make you stronger.
it should push you to limits and make you do uncomfortable things.
it could be things you might regret but it will open you up.
make you raw. make you vulnerable.

of all the birthdays that i had, being 17 stands out the most.
the fact that people that i just met a few weeks would go through all that trouble and shit to plan something so memorable right there at FC3. people you had met and known but yet hardly interacted or shown little interest in.
it makes me feel small. birthdays may not be important to you. but it is important to me.


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