countdown to 22;

12 Apr

i’m turning 22 in almost a month.
oh my god, i didn’t even start planning or anything because I’ve been studying my ass off.
and i still have to think about other people who are also May babies.
and i’m going to travel. and i’m working to pay for all this.
wow. talk about juggling.

since i have no money to buy stuff for myself and my birthday is indeed coming, i can have a wishlist:
1. printer ink – prolly ask my brother to get this
2. small travel speakers – ask my girlfriends. hot pink or nothing.
3. iphone cover and screen protector – asked my bf since the more he talks about getting me a rabbit, the more scared i get that this might be true.
4. hairdye – Jinn since I tweet about this and she volunteered<3
5. panties – i might just have to get this myself. damn.
6. new slippers – another brother or sis-in-law.
7. stationeries – coloured pens etc – shasha
8. new earphones – just a spare in case – my other brother or sis-in-law
9. new clothes and bags – will get them when i travel in May/June. cheap and good!
10. facial masks – lots and lots of pamper for my face – anyone?

one more week to exams. lets do this!


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