23 Mar

been hitting by a bout of depression so today I shall be writing reflections.

Dear person I hate,
I don’t really hate you but sometimes you are hard to live with. I have no problems cutting people off…less bullshit for me to deal with.

Dear person I like,
I’m very shy to just come up and ask if we could be friends.

Dear ex,
I wonder what you had seen when you looked at me in your eyes, a long time ago.

Dear bestfriend,
Thank you for letting me be myself around you. And telling you how much I miss you and love you always.

Dear ‘anyone’,
don’t judge me before you get to know me.

Dear God,
what is my purpose here? You are the Most Forgiving and yet, I have sinned so much.

Dear mom,
I’m sorry I’ve made you cry.

Dear dad,
I hope you are as proud to have me as a daughter as I am to have you as my father.

Dear future me,
let every dreams and aspirations that you may have come true.

Dear past me,
every mistakes was made for a reason so don’t be so hard on yourself.

Dear person I’m jealous of,
teach me how to be humble in a world full of greed.

Dear person I had a crush on,
I still do.

Dear boyfriend,
you have yet to know what could really break me.


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