2 Mar

what’s in it for me?

I think I’ve done too many things for too many people and not asking them anything in return.
fuck this shit, seriously.

this year I will be more selfish.
I have to and if you want a gift, prepare to receive it homemade.
I’m so tired and I want to crawl into a hole and sleep.

Should I just splurge my money on a solo trip end of the year or like, book a fucking suite and call everybody to come and bring the good stuff? or just book a suite and ask everyone to fuck off? It’s like I plan for everyone’s party to be super duper perfect and I expect mine to be just as good…you know? Ugh, what do you know? I think I set my expectations too fucking high sometimes.

Its nice isn’t it to receive a mail? we’ve been so used to whatsapp crap that we forgot what a few handwritten words on paper felt like. I do that still to friends who enjoy receiving mail and hopefully they’ll reciprocate. I don’t want to move into the future and forget what humanity felt like.

so fuck all of you. fuck you and your constant worry that the kittens will never be yours. fuck you and the fact he might never come back into your life. fuck you and your indecisiveness on relationships. fuck you and your usage of my hard disk without asking permission. fuck you and your improper flirting with me. fuck you that you never handled the situation even when i asked you nicely. and fuck me because i gave a fuck to all of you.


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