Adventure Cove Waterpark

12 Feb


I love this place that is newly opened at Sentosa (:
Here are the rides listed:
Adventure River
the name speaks for itself (;
Ray Bay 
you have to pay an extra $20 to experience this but you get to feed the manta rays and I think its quite exciting for first-timers since you get to go up close and personal with the rays.
Big Bucket Treehouse
for kids but adults can join in the fun too. 
Whirpool Washout
extremely fun as you get to experience what it feels like to be in a washing machine and go around and around before going into the hole in the middle.
Spiral Washout
similar to whirpool except for more spirals and it will open to a huge gaping hole that literally suck you in. 
Bluewater Bay
much like any other wave pools. 
Tidal Twister
our boat got turned around during one of the twisty turns and it was hilarious and scary to go through half of it with your back facing the front. surprise! 
Pipeline Plunge
this was the first ride we took. my bf ain’t a big fan of darkness and water and enclose space all at one time so thankfully I was at the front haha.
Riptide Rocket
we didn’t get to ride this due to a 45min wait followed by a technical fault. maybe another time perhaps?
Dueling Racer
my bf said this was similar to the lagoon they once had and he beat me at it 😦 
Seahorse Hideaway
for kids, if you are an adult, don’t bother. 
Rainbow Reef
snorkelling with the fishes! Imagine like in the open sea with clearer water and definitely more fishes! 
test your strengths. I enjoyed this place since you get to challenge your friends but beware if you fall as its 4m deep.


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