30 Jan

“Aren’t you jealous that she is now some sort of a star in another country?”

A friend inquired when we had a meet up last Saturday. We were chatting on what our other course mates were doing now and suddenly it went back to one of our friends who have decided to become an actress and travel across the border.

A few years back, this question would have me nettled. Now, I feel happy for her that she has finally got what she wants. I mean, if it isn’t what life has set me out to do, then be it and let me find other passions that I have in life.

It’s weird that people think I would have to measure myself against her to see what success is in life. I’ve gotten so used to my male friends bragging to their friends that they are close with her that i have gotten immune. And probably in need to find new friends.

Define what is success to you in life.
It could be wealth or status or travelling around the world with ease.

But all I really want is to be happy. And if I’m not mistaken, its the same thing my bf wants to.

“nobody is perfect but everyone is perfect in their own ways” – albany aljunied.



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