finding a job.

24 Jan

so the new year has kicked in for almost a month now.
and being jobless does not bode well with me at all.
especially since I do like the occasional splurge of luxury aka body soap from Sephora.

but finding a job has always been an interesting experience for me because I am not always that picky and I do like to mix around with people as long as they understand the personal space. so first of was…

1. camp instructor
imagine cheaper by the dozen 2 in the wilderness but instead of just 12, you are handling 20 kids and trying to make them bond, sing campfire songs and basically have fun. it is definitely a rewarding experience since for those precious 3-4 days they have no one other to turn to except you. i am an outdoorsy person but that one night i had to spend far away from civilization and nothing to eat except for a packet of m&ms made me realized that as outdoorsy as i am, i have been truly urbanized.

2. hostel staff
people are generally friendly and open in hostel which is a plus and minus point depending on how you look at it. growing up in an asian country means we get a little reserve if people gets too touchy-feely but otherwise, we’re a fun bunch, honest. the hours seem reasonable and the pay is good. but whether it is the right fit for me at this time is another factor altogether.

3. barista
i’ve always wanted to make good coffee. not just dumping two spoons of coffee powder plus sugar. like really enjoy the aroma and taste that some people are willing to fork out for a good cup of espresso. i will be at the place tomorrow to see the trick of trade and whether i can handle the machine.

4. mystery shopper
working in retail and knowing those two words put together is never a good omen. especially if it is heading towards your shop. but given the opportunity to be the person hated by the staffs is another thing altogether. it’s like given a power to pass or fail a shop. but i have to make sure that i am fair and not totally bias which i can be. yikes.

i am grateful to be given a chance to work while studying. and now to carefully choose a working condition that i will enjoy and at the same time, not stray away from studies. so which one shall i pick? hmm.


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