Langkawi, home of the eagles.

15 Dec

I went to Langkawi when I was a little girl wearing all pink and carrying a plush toy cat all the time.
My late grandmother went with us and we went to see the huge statue of the eagle. My bad photography skill as a kid means I only managed to take half of the statue while still trying to capture my mum and dad in the shot.

So fast forward 16 years or so to this year when I went to the same country yet again, older and non-wiser. I cannot remember throwing a hissy fit or crying my eyes out for my mother when the plane was taking off when I was younger but there were some pretty incriminating pictures telling otherwise. A nephew of mine sobbed for a bit but otherwise, it went alright. The place was HOT. We rented cars because one of my brothers were used to the area and the other wanted to show off his GPS system. There were all autos and technicality was I was never used to driving one. We stayed in Aseania Resort which is more well-known for their vast pools rather than everything else but just outside the resort was a long stretch of restaurants, massage parlours and shops so I didn’t complain.

On the first day the kids went swimming and watch fox movies whereas my brother and i tried to find the gas station 5-6 km away from any civilisation with only a quarter tank left. I refuse to think of bad things if we never ran out of oil in the middle of nowhere with the heat. The 2nd day was more fun as the rest of the family came and we went to the Underwater World which wasn’t really that bad. There were a lot of big fishes and even some ducks, flamingos, turkeys and parrots. My dad was trying to joke that if the walls crack we would probably have a reenactment of Jaws but I really think he is just trying to scare mum as usual.

On the last day we went to the cable cars up the mountains and the bloody duck tour. They serve pretty decent ice-kacang, also known as ABC (ais batu campur). I finally did parasailing at the beach near our place (there is no such thing in Singapore, sadly and if there is, it would be too expensive)

When we finally landed in Singapore, I slept for another 3 more wonderful hours.

So tomorrow, I shall take another adventure (quoted by the girlfriend, not me) to Krabi via a bus ride throughout the whole of Malaysia! Thankfully, I managed to get all of us a plane back and not another bus ride. Can you imagine the butt cramp from sitting too long?

I still wish my boyfriend could come along for the trip.
maybe another time perhaps.

merry christmas in advance and enjoy 21/12/2012


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