ah boys to men;

12 Nov

There is a new army movie in town and its called Ah Boys To Men.
It felt draggy. sure, the hokkien and the common army innuendos are funny as always but Jack Neo has overused the rich boy persona way to much. it does not have the same  classic effect as Army Daze directed by Ong Keng Sen in 1996 which features every race. I felt left 0ut, personally.

I do quite like that they decided to do some CG1 effect because it looks cool- not Transformers standard but we’ll get there eventually. The story is how a rich boy, Ken, have to enter National Service(NS) while his girlfriend wants to study abroad. By the time I saw those two on screen, I knew they were going to break up. Not because the story wants them to but because the chemistry just isn’t there. All bad acting aside, seriously, the chemistry just wasn’t there. His buddy name is, wait for it…Lobang (which direct translation would mean a hole) but he is the type of guy who could get you anything. And then there is the golden-haired guy whose name I have distinctively forgotten and has an ah lian girlfriend – who will eventually get dumped in Part 2 of the movie which won’t come out anytime soon. And of course, the suck-up whose name is Aloysius.

Ken has a bad relationship with his dad and his mum and granny spoils him too much. The most annoying people is definitely the mother and the uncle. I heard the term ‘keng’ so much I do want to shoot myself. Sum it up, the girlfriend found a new guy and is leaving to study with him. Ken had to stay in camp and falls ill to try and get out. He does not realized that his selfishness made other people suffer and his dad to almost die in a car accident – sudden heart attack, like seriously?

so yeah, definitely 5/10

I would ask you to watch Pitch Perfect instead. I got more laughs and bangs for my bucks than the army movie.


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