To Aisyah:

29 Oct

Aisyah. Such a pretty name for a pretty baby.
You must be all grown up now.
I hope you’re real, and I hope your dad is who I think he is.
But you wouldn’t be named Aisyah if he wasn’t.

It’s October 2012 and your father had just returned home from his trip to Tokyo. I’m sure you would have listened to all his stories and I’m sorry if you had to listen to his army stories, darling. I know you wouldn’t be interested but he is a pretty interesting man.

I just wanted to tell you how I met your dad and how he has made me the luckiest girl for the past 2 years of my life.
You probably haven’t been born yet and we’re just a little bit older than you are right now.

It was late 2009 when your dad and I started chatting on msn. I was not in a good position in my life and your dad was there as a friend. He can talk to you about anything and make you feel comfortable. In school, I started to hang out more often around where he would usually have lunch with his classmates. I knew some of his friends from divers and silat (yes, your mum does sports when she was young) so it wasn’t that awkward. We started to talk about movies and songs and radio. Your father did a radio programme and I just happened to land myself in a radio class. He was patient in teaching me how to properly develop a radio clock while still doing his engineering diploma and climbing.

If your dad ever bring up the topic that he has both left and right side of the brain, best to just nod and go along with it. Unless you are a great debater, don’t get into one with your dad, darling.

By 2010, something changed. Your dad was doing an internship and I was supposed to fly off to Cambodia for a student programme. I fell sick with stomach flu and your dad was the one who kept me company. Then one day, in May, he happened to ask if I wanted to watch a movie in town. I hope you had watched Kickass. That was when I knew your dad had harbored feelings for me that I did not realized. Everything was such a flurry. We had our own CCA camps to do and well, I should not tell you this, but we also had a minor car accident during that time. We were fine, darling but it was a shock to us both and I hope that you will never have to experience what we had. Your dad is a more careful driver than I am so please learn driving from him. I know he can be demanding and stern but he means well.

My feelings for your dad grew more and more each day. I was scared of being in a relationship so soon so your dad and I kept it a secret from our friends. When the truth was eventually out, everything just felt right. You should never hide the person that you are proud of from the people that you love, remember that darling.

You might want to ask the rest of the story from your dad. It took a lot of compromise, debate and everything else, but we’ve managed to make it work and I hope you will find someone who is just as good as your dad is.

Promise me one thing okay?
If your dad is in the house, don’t tell him that you have just read this. Just go up to him and give him a hug.

And ask your brother to stop watching tv and do the same thing as well. Life is short so treasure each moment always.

I love you and I hope to see you soon.

Your mum.


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