bucket list.

21 Oct

i think everyone should have a bucket list.
start with the easy ones. like

1. be in a hot air balloon

2. be in a newspaper for something utterly awesome

3. skydiving (Aussie?)

4. surfing (Aussie again?)

5. listen to classical music eg, Beethoven

6. visit the cat cafe in Seoul

7. volunteer at an animal shelter

8. master yoga

9. go out of the country with my bf

10. go on a one month vacation, probably next year

let me finish this top 10 first, shall we? (:
i might be able to cover it by next year, hopefully.


One Response to “bucket list.”

  1. Ray Tan (@raytanys) 15/11/2012 at 10:51 am #

    Hello average girl that’s more than meets the eye 😉 Came across your blog and bucket list here and nice 10 goals there 🙂

    Wanted to share that I’ve just completed an iPhone app (adream) where people can share their dreams and goals in a fun way. It’s my little dream to help others achieve theirs in this small way.. Let me know if it helps you 🙂

    Best, Ray

    adream – http://adre.am/app (iPhone app)

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