How To Make Your Relationship Last;

18 Oct

I’ve been with my boyfriend for two years and we may look like everything is all flowery and perfect, but it hasn’t been always.
Have you ever heard of ‘never put two bulls in a china tea shop?’

yeah, well, we’re the two bulls.

1. Listen
This is always the single most important aspect. Even with your friends and your families. So what if his day was boring and uneventful? He is sharing his day.WITH.YOU.

2. When in a fight, is it really worth it?
I often get into a heated debate and we both have to win ultimately. But this situation will often always leave a sad dejected soul so do a quick 5 second out-of-the-body experience and tell yourself ‘it is really worth the fight?’
if it isn’t and you can see that you won’t probably win, throw in the white towel. no one else will keep score unless you are that calculative. you will have your shining moments.

3. enjoy a game of pool
a little competitiveness is always fun. i beat him in a game of pool last week and he wants payback ever since. it creates a certain camaraderie between us. it doesn’t have to be pool. it could be bowling or water polo or anything as long as you both enjoy it.

4. have a group of friends
not always vital but its show that you can interact well with him even in a group. it would suck eventually if you ever part ways but true friends will stick by you irregardless. if not, you can always find new friends.

5. make time
even an hour is enough. we live in a fast-paced world where everything needs to be done asap but it does not mean you cant be there for one another. if you can’t be there, apologized and make up for it. there is a place for ego and pride, but humility is always the best.



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