home away from home.

9 Oct

i miss that house across the border.
i know i say a lot of bad things and i moan about travelling.

but it was special to me.
even when the faucet was sometimes faulty.
and it gets dusty easily.
and there was no internet connection whatsoever.

it was special because my parents were happier.
food was definitely cheaper.
i get to see fireworks from the 8th floor (where i lived)
and the swimming pool was just outside the block.

i had spent half a day repainting my parent’s wall.
bright pink and just at the corner was a floor-to-ceiling window where you can laze in the sun.
the room was pretty big and i could run around for hours.
and of course, there were three bathrooms.

the guest room was green.
it was a little stuffy but it evokes calm and peacefulness.
there was a vanity desk that could slide open to a hidden panel.
and you can always find the iron on the desk.

my room was the smallest.
i begged for a red wall and eventually got it.
i brought some memories to give the room an edge.
even that wooden mirror we got from a bazaar seven years ago.

the living room was bright and yellow.
and we would eat on the dining table.
watching whatever is on the telly.
and you can hear my mum heating up food on the fire-free cooker.

the kitchen was sparse.
but we have a door that leads to the storeroom and the 3rd bathroom.
and we would always hang our wet clothes there.
it was a sanctuary on its own.

but we sold it off.
and we moved on.
it was where i spent my weekends as a teenager.
and no more as an adult.




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