the usual rants.

20 Sep

I DoNt UnDeRsTaNd WhY WoUlD AnYoNe WrItE LiKe ThIs.
Do YoU KnOw HoW HaRd AnD TiMe CoNsUmInG ThIs Is.

i’m trying to read this guy’s info and this is how he wrote:
I nEeD a GiRL wHo iS cOnFiDeNt wiTh hErSeLf aNd nOt aFrAiD oF aNy cOmMeNtS fRoM oThErS!!! 🙂

and there are some guys who instead of saying “okay” would in fact, write “otay”

the ‘k’ and the ‘t’ is so far away. stop murdering the English language as well as big and small letters.
and this is why I will never/could never go on a date with these type of people.

to all girls, to ensure yourself that you would not date a cheater/douchebag etc, there are exactly THREE and only THREE questions to ask a prospective boyfriend:

1. How many girlfriends have he had
2. How long was the last relationship
3. What was the reason for the breakup

I guess there are many other questions and reasons behind but these are quite straightforward. Any relationship less than 3 months is just a fling, expect the same thing to happen to you unless he is genuinely interested in you. If he had more than 10 girls in the last 2 years, that would be about 4 months per relationship. That ain’t good news. GET OUT NOW. and maths is probably very useful as well. If the reason was “it did not work out” or “feelings just disappear”, probe a little bit more but be discreet. There should always be a “cooling period” from the last breakup before you two start dating even though some people might take more/less time than that. Normally its 6months so do gauge for yourself.


I was talking to some girlfriends and they said that they do miss getting numbers from men and their reason was this:
“They are just too scared to ask and would prefer asking for their facebook instead”

That does not sound good. at all. I hardly think its that hard to pick up a girl. Watch ‘How I Met Your Mother” for instance. There are times when there is a miss and when there is a hit. So, try your luck. I always like it when two people find something in common, become more comfortable with each other enough to actually go on a ‘real date’ or ‘double date’

hope this helps, somehow. I wish I could say how to sort out douchebags but I don’t know any :/

I want more Shabu Shabu!



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